The screaming noises my work laptop fans make on a daily basis remind me of how delightful it is when corporations buy the cheapest, most basic laptops for software developers.

I love what Apple is doing with Privacy Information on apps in their App Store, but how is this not confusing for the user?

Our first cinema experience since February 2020, as well as our first time at a movie theatre since moving to the desert.

I’m finding I prefer the web version of the Mastodon interface as my go to for both iOS and iPadOS with a home screen shortcut to the site making it act like an app.

Palm rejection on my ThinkPad T460s trackpad can be a little wonky. I'm trying to figure out if it's a hardware or software issue. Sometimes I have to set my palm into typing position and then lift it up again to make the trackpad responsive. I'm suspecting a short in the trackpad.

Just built a fully functional, configured Debian server on vultr in 15 minutes. I think that's my new record. This includes: server installation, adding an account, installing and tweaking git, vim, alpine, zsh, Dropbox to my liking, and modifying DNS records.


I still maintain the quality of conversation on the Internet (and its BBS predecessors) was higher back when it took some smarts and determination to get online. I

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I took a look at Twitter yesterday and later realized it degraded my mood. I looked again today and realized it was degrading my mood as it was happening so I closed the app. I have a very carefully culled list of folks I follow, but algorithm really wants me to find reasons to clutch my pearls.

Dug out my original smart keyboard for my 2018 iPad Pro and I forgot how much I enjoy typing on it. I switched to the Magic Keyboard when that came out, but sometimes that can be heavy to carry around and you can’t fold the keyboard behind the iPad to use the tablet in tablet mode. Maybe I’ll use the Magic Keyboard as more of a docking station.

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When you’re mainly on the fediverse, coming from years of Twitter, you may notice a subtle change in posting behaviour. You start to notice that inclusive posts gather more interest than provoking, negative posts. The reason is simple. On the fediverse you communicate with fellow users. On Twitter you try to please The Algorithm.

The big software migration project at work is postponed again because integrations elsewhere in the company aren’t ready and the end users aren’t satisfied with the UAT results. OK. Instead of stepping back, reassessing the entire picture and coming up with a new date, management is kicking the can down the road in two week increments. Maddening.

Maintaining your to do list should never take more time than actually addressing the items on your to do list

As I sit on a software migration project call, listening to some management not worry about bad source data in the databases, I remind them of Target Canada going bankrupt nearly 10 years ago and why

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The problem I have with the Internet today is that, in the 1980s, I thought (hoped) that massive access to a) personal computing and b) networking would be a force that (slowly, perhaps, but inevitably over time) made us all smarter and kinder.

Instead I fear that networked computing is making us all dumber and crueller. And the dumbing and the cruelling is accelerating.

That's maybe too simplistic an analysis: it probably always had the potential to do both, and it probably *is* doing both.

I know better than to use Instagram. I created a second account for high PG-13 slanted content and the first thing Instagram did was suggest my account to my 80 year old aunt.

When I'm using Firefox to get here to Mastodon, everything is displayed in bolded text. In Brave, Chrome, Safari, etc. everything looks normal. Why is Firefox bolding everything?

I was asked to show off my handlebar mustache on a work zoom call today. I enjoyed that request.

My latest K-cups variety pack included Pumpkin Spice. Have to say I don’t care for Pumpkin Spice coffee at any time of the year. Just not my jam.

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