So using my own server does make discovering others with similar interests a bit of a challenge, unless I’m missing something here

@machias Sort of -- what you want to do then, is join your server to a relay, that will populate your federated timeline. The best idea is maybe to ask a few friends for relay suggestions or to boost the request around.

@machias the main thing you are missing is time and that will come in er...time...

When I started the fediverse was quite a bit smaller, and relays weren't even a thing yet. I tooted "hello world" into an empty void and threw pineapples everywhere and hit nuthin'. It's kinda weird when your federated timeline is a perfect clone of your home timeline, and your local timeline is just you talking to yourself :blobtonguewink:

But now I find the fediverse quite engaging and interesting and even though my instance is still tiny a do have a BIT of company here...all found "organically" once I finally followed and interacted with a few interesting-to-me people it was fascinating how my timelines evolved...even without using a single relay to this day!

@machias Oh yeah....relays...that feature was added I think in the v2.x days whereby you could "pre-populate" your federated timeline with the public posts visible from other already-established instances. This would help greatly with discoverability, potentially at the expense of signal:noise ratio.

@machias Suggestions I've seen include: follow a bunch of people to connect various instances to yours, then look in the federated timeline. Cruise #introduction #introductions, post and search for your interests' hashtags.

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