A poll about shaving. If you shave, how do you shave? Boosts very much appreciated.

@machias I shave with electric shaver, but I feel like I should add that I do it to get stubble not a close shave.

@tewha that makes sense. Something like the OneBlade? I’ve heard good things.

@machias yeah, that’s the one exactly. I shave most of my face with the number one or two spacer, then do some cleanup with blade itself (some stray hairs on my upper cheeks, a bit under the nose I can’t get with the spacer, lower neck).

I’ve actually tried a few variations, but this is the one I like the most. You can do it quite a bit with it.

Cartridges aren’t cheap but they last a couple months each.

@machias electric wet shaver with canned shaving cream, or of course dry without any cream.

@machias dry as a bone, cause nothing’s more addictive than speed

@machias I answered "wet shaving with soap and blade" but just to add, I'm also using a double-edge razor instead of a cartridge razor.

@machias I don't have good soap at the moment, so canned shaving cream it is

@machias gillette shaving creme with a double edge safety razor. Hydrogen peroxide for after care

@Melon Wow, how does the peroxide work out? I've never done that before

@machias it works pretty well when diluted with some water, although I also use lotion with it since it leaves my skin pretty dry.

@danie10 I use a Merkur 34c when I'm not in a rush, otherwise I use the original Gillette Trac II I learned to shave with back in the mid 1980s. Once in a while I'll use the straight razor but I'm not as skilled at it as I need to be.

@machias I use a Merkur 34C when I'm in a rush (less agressive) or generally an Edwin Jagger DE89 head, with an iKon handle fitted.


Safety razor (one that belonged to my late grandfather, with Russian or Pakistani blades), and while I had been using brush and soap-lather, I have found that oil shaving leaves me with fewer nicks and less irritation, if I have the right oil.

Unfortunately, there must be no money in shaving oils, as they keep getting discontinued. If the ones that work for me (fairly astringent, with lots of eucalyptus & clove) disappear entirely from the market, I'll go back to brush and soap.

@publius @machias @ArchdeaconBenito Been using the Shave Secret oil for years and years. The scent is if cloves and is amazing on the skin. I have multiple bottles for the same reasons you list. Hoard until you can no longer. Only takes like 4 or 5 drops to get the job done.

@publius @machias @ArchdeaconBenito And it’s been around forever, it seems. Really pleasant stuff to shave with.

@vwbusguy I've never tried to dry shave, though I had a barber once shave me with such a thin coating of hair gel or something that it was really like a dry shave. I'd be worried about irritation, glad it works out for you.

@machias As long as I use an aftershave, I'm fine. I just use regular Old Spice aftershave.


I use shaving cream from a tube. The canned stuff turns into this mass of foam that makes it impossible to see what I'm doing. Tube soap is a nice thin layer that I can still see through.

@machias I mainly use a trimmer to remove the heavy beard, then a Merkur razor & Col Conk's soap to get it down to skin. But I only do that if I'm going out in hot weather, otherwise I just trim it back once a month-ish.

@machias Wet shave with a Dorco Pace 6, no cream or foam or soap or owt.

@ifixcoinops Wet shaver here too, though sometimes I use the original Trac II I learned to shave with back in the mid 1980s.

@machias Electric shavers never worked for me, and I really wanted them too.

I spent the first 20y of my shaving life with cans and cartridges, shifted to safety razor and brush about 15y ago.

Every once in a while I will use a cartridge from Harry’s, but it never does as good of a job as my cheap handle and blade.

@machias electric shaver + soap or a thick shaving cream. Every time I've used razors I've gotten horrible rashes, regardless of what I did.

@machias I don't shave and haven't in years but when I did, I would use those disposable shavers that had a line of soap on top of the blades.

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