I don't know how UNIXy people can do anything on Microsoft's Powershell. Yes, there's some UNIX type commands in there and I know there are other tools for Windows, but if I have a default setup and I go to Powershell I want to be able to do more than just ls or ssh

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I don't speak Powershell. I was forced to take a class in it even. Did not go well. WSL has literally saved my ass though. I did a stealth upgrade of my Laptop to a non-IT supported version of Windows just so I could install WSL. And now that you can mount all your UNC paths and physical drives natively in the fstab I'm in hog-heaven!

@machias I use a lot of profanities and cast a bunch of aspersions on PowerShell's developers concerning their ancestry, sexual habits, and the sexual habits of their ancestors.

It's more cathartic than helpful.

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