The mechanical keyboard (with brown switches) on my work setup started having issues last week. I replaced it with a $29 Cherry Stream with scissor switches from Amazon and it works splendidly. I’m quite impressed.

Some lightning shots from tonight's storm. Gusts at nearby Davis-Monthan AFB at 41 knots, at Tucson Int'l, 52 kts.

RIP Nichelle Nichols. Thank you for enchanting us as Uhura and for letting us be your captive audience for so long.

This location on Disney property is still running the older MATRA software and terminals. I approve.

As a geek I’m always fascinated by point of sale systems. Disneyland has upgraded to a tablet based system (replacing MATRA) but I haven’t figured out what software or tablets yet. There’s a spot where the customer displayed used to be, it’s all on the payment pad now.

How I enjoy a good thunderstorm. This was just taken from our back patio.

At a baseball game with my husband tonight. An enjoyable pastime on a Saturday evening.

One of the things that may be confusing the noobs (and the more the merrier!) is when they go to install something like Dropbox from a "Software Boutique" or other such "storefront", they'll see confusing things like this:

I love the amount of general aviation going on in the area at 6:00 AM. At this time of the year, it often gets quite bumpy here in the desert in the afternoon. Plus, monsoon thunderstorms are always a factor. Early morning is best.

I chased a small storm up Mt. Lemmon today. It departed the area to the west, so I took a few moments to enjoy the beauty of the area. I will always appreciate that we live so close to this slice of beauty.

I have flown several different types of airplanes in my nine years of being a private pilot. I have to say the Diamond DA-40 is probably my favorite of the lot. I flew a couple of them when I lived in Chicago; I need to find a rental or shared ownership opportunity of one here in southeast Arizona.

It's things like this as to why I can't take Apple's iCloud seriously.

The welcome committee at tonight’s hotel had a slight air of indifference but I enjoy their presence very much.

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