One of my favorite humorists of all time is Erma Bombeck. My mother thought this odd, especially when I was 12 years old, but the woman was very, very funny.

A person with the handle “actuallyworthless” came across one of my social media streams. I don’t know this person. I hope they don’t believe they’re actually worthless; everyone has worth. Just surviving the chaos of these times is worth.

I shaved with bourbon scented shaving cream from the Art of Shaving instead of my usual can of Barbasol. I feel snazzy.

Many toots on my Mastodon feed inspire me. Thank you.

@thatkruegergirl Curious, are you using Apple's magic keyboard and mouse? I always find it odd that my Mac forgets it has a Magic Keyboard and Mouse when everything is made by the same company.

@thatkruegergirl I’ve been seeing this a lot on the latest beta of Ventura. It makes logging in a bit of a challenge. I haven’t found a solution yet. I had the issue quite a bit on the latest version of Monterey.

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The best thing, by far, about working from home is not having to poop next to your boss.

I wish nothing but the best outcome for the folks in Hurricane Ian’s path. But one has to wonder, with the Governor of Florida doing such horrible things all the time, are we surprised that God flung a very powerful hurricane at the state?

@derek I totally understand this, I have many contacts that use nothing but FB, and there are several groups that only congregate on FB. I absolutely cannot have their apps on my phone, though. I draw the line there.

Work has announced they’ve decided to remove Internet Explorer from all corporate computers. I had no idea that IE was still a thing.

Notices about our annual employee survey are out. "No one at (company) knows anyone's individual response" and "Please don't share your link with anyone, it's unique to you" seem rather at odds with one another.

I’ve ordered some retro style eyeglasses and I’m quite excited about them

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Today, I wish you the ability to take a deep breath.

When I was a young lad I always thought it was the Queen Elizabeth II on “To Tell The Truth”. It was just Kitty Carlisle being regal.

A random end user decided to go into Azure DevOps and organize all the development teams’ stories and bugs with new hashtags which make absolutely no sense to a developer, removing the tags already in place. Naturally, this threw my brain chemistry into overdrive and it’s taking a lot of effort to not completely flip out.

I enjoyed most of the Apple event. I don’t really feel compelled to buy anything announced but I’m liking the RCs of iOS 16 and Watch OS 9.

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