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I know this is odd, but I find many of the negative reviews of medication on WebMD to be hilarious. So many exclamation points by so many people. Adjectives denoting hysteria. I know people are sharing their negative experiences but I find it all hysterical.

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So “Quiet Quitting” is a new label for “maintaining a healthy life-work balance”?

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Say what you will about vinyl, it won't fatigue your ears the way badly mastered CDs do.

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The mechanical keyboard (with brown switches) on my work setup started having issues last week. I replaced it with a $29 Cherry Stream with scissor switches from Amazon and it works splendidly. I’m quite impressed.

I really enjoy the Toot app for Mastodon on iOS.

It’s much too early on a Monday morning for a user to tell me how the software I wrote works, especially since everything they said is inaccurate. I finally broke down and went against my personal rule and said, “I’m the guy that wrote it and your assessment is incorrect”. Couple this with data entry clerks suddenly using abbreviations for city names (Philly instead of Philadelphia) or backslashes on everything like “N\A” and I’m ready for lunch.

My brain always goes to “why”. I ask “why” a lot. This apparently bothers folks. I can’t ask them why it bothers them because we then get into an infinite loop.

There is a certain amount of joy in cleaning up code you haven't touched in seven years and then deleting large swaths of files because you no longer need them

I feel like having your home searched based on the Espionage Act is bad

I see mentions of conservative dating apps popping up in the tech news and the like. I give them a month after their launch before their hacked and/or the data is leaked. I remember the Ashley Madison database. I was always surprised by the number of folks at work (old job) their used their work email address to register for access.

I tested negative for COVID-19 last night after two tests in the previous 10 days stating otherwise. I'm feeling better, though I have a bit of "COVID fog" and a lingering headache. Once in a while I still have a coughing fit. I don't care what others say, it's not like the flu and it's not a joke. Wear a mask and get vaccinated.

Yes. I am wearing my Star Trek: Voyager era communicator on my shirt on Zoom calls today. I'm doing things the Janeway.

Fellow geeks: the U.S. based telecom I work for is looking for a Sr. Python Engineer to join the SDN Orchestration team. It's a 100% work from home position. DM for more details if interested. This position is not on my team, but of the same org in the company.

We have a big software migration planned for this coming weekend, so of course the database teams want to use this week to move databases from on-prem to cloud servers. This last run of UAT is quite interesting.

It's been 10 years, but I still miss the show "Happy Endings". It was not a "Friends" knock off, it was better.

Some lightning shots from tonight's storm. Gusts at nearby Davis-Monthan AFB at 41 knots, at Tucson Int'l, 52 kts.

Amazon buying iRobot is concerning; that's a lot of interior scanning data now accessible by Amazon.

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